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Also... my livejournal account expired. Fuck you, Livejournal! (crossposted to Livejournal)


Four episodes in

Anyone else watching the new Twin Peaks season?

I'm going to watch this thing, but I can't imagine recommending it to anyone.

It's got the side-stories of Mulholland Drive but the sound effects and braindead characters and imagery of Eraserhead. And Lynch has a talent for extracting wooden performances from decent actors. It's probably the banal dialogue and over-long takes.

That being said, of course I'm going to watch all 18 episodes and I'd be happy to discuss it in comments.


all over the place

I have a tendency to get worked up about something and belabouring it until I share it with someone long enough that they're upset and then I feel better assuaging them. I don't mean to do it, I swear.

Case in point: The dog doesn't eat a lot, and she's skinny. I worry about it until I get my wife worried. This isn't without precedence: 2 years ago, C's cat got really skinny (I noticed it easier because I saw her less) and eventually went into liver failure. She probably had a liver problem for a long time but would get nauseated after eating a little. So she starved. Losing Cheeky was devastating. Now the dog. Ella's always been a fussy dog. Just distract her and she'll stop eating. She's probably picking up on my anxiety. Dogs aren't supposed to be like this, dammit.

Anyway, all weekend I'm watching her, and watching the plate, and microwaving the food to bring out the smell. She ate after I left, of course. Now, C's worried Ella's going to die.

Back in HS days, my sister borrowed my Walkman and forgot it in her locker. I was miffed and kept bringing it up. Just nattering away. "I wish you didn't forget my Walkman. Why'd you forget it?" Then suddenly my normally detached father went ballistic, screaming and shouting at my sister, chasing her through the house and broke her door by bashing at it. He started hyperventilating and hit the ground. My normally excitable mom screamed dad was having a heart attack and to call an ambulance. The phone rang at the same time, so I answer telling whomever to call back as I need to talk to an ambulance. My dad then grabbed the phone and tried to hang up on the poor fellow who was trying to call us and has people panicking and trying to hang up on him (phones worked different, then. The originator controlled the call). Anyway, my dad was fine. And long story short, my sister blamed me for the whole ordeal and I was reminded of this by seeing the broken door which didn't get fixed for years.

So, I try to be conscious of when I'm nattering. I just don't share. Then it comes out all over the place. And when I do share, I feel guilty for being manipulative. So I do nothing right and I don't trust my feelings and well, that doesn't work either. So not having feelings is ideal. Yep.


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Me: "So, I've been watching these 11 minute Adult Swim shows. Mike Tyson's Adventures. It's hilarious. It's styled like an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon."

She: "Mike Tyson the rapist?"

Me: "Yeah. He solves mysteries in his van, with an adopted daughter. A ghost done by the Dean from Community and a very vulgar talking pigeon played by Norm McDonald"

She: "And Mike Tyson the rapist..."

Me: "Whatever. He did his time. You should hear him try to pronounce Cormac McCarthy."

Me, later "Dammit! Now I can't enjoy this shit."

Having a conscience is sooo boooorrrring...


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Here's a hint. It's not the one who has to do the laundry at 11pm...



This isn't the sort of shit I'm talking about, but this pisses me off, too:

My piano teacher (yes, I'm trying to learn the piano) was flipping though my notebook and hit a couple pages of equations my wife sent me to crunch for her. Sometimes I need to write something down, and my music book is right there. Anyway, J always balks and gets math-panic when she sees my cyphering.

"What did you go to school for, anyway?"

Me, pausing "... Electrical Engineering"

Her, pausing "But you don't work as one."

Me, "no"

Her, "But that's unusual that someone so to school for something so specific and doesn't get into it"

Me, "Yeah well, you'll find I'm not a typical engineer. In fact, you probably won't see too many engineers trying to learn the piano at 47."

"FORTY SEVEN??? Wow. You're going to be FIFTY in ... 3 years!"

"Yeah... thanks for pointing that out."

"But OMG, 50! 50 seems so old. I'd think you were in your late 30's, maybe 40. But not as old as 50."

"OK, you're not making me feel better."


"OK, now you're laughing at me"

"No. I'm laughing with you"

"I'm not laughing"

"I can tell, you're laughing on the inside."

"Let's just do this before I say something mean."

"No, you can come at me."

"Let's just do the lesson."

Fuck. I'm pretty sure she's just teasing. But lady's gotta learn to not be a butthead. So, I have three options:

1) bite back -- which would only make her cry

2) make a fuss or fire her

3) trust she's just teasing and not be so defensive

So now I'm just stewing...


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Running to the window, he opened it, and put out his stirring, cold cold, piping for the blood to dance to; Golden sunlight; Heavenly sky; sweet fresh air; merry bells. Oh, glorious. Glorious!

"What's to-day?'' cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look about him.

"Eh? '' returned the boy, with all his might of wonder.

"What's to-day, my fine fellow?'' said Scrooge.

"To-day?'' replied the boy. "Why, Bowiemas Day.''

"It's Bowiemas Day!'' said Scrooge to himself. "I haven 't missed it. The Spirits have done it all in one night. They can do anything they like. Of course they can. Of course they can.''


As Tiny Tin Machine wishes: Merry Bowiemas to every one!


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After enjoying Westworld, I've been ploughing through Person of Interest. The show is like crack, but broadcast TV has soooooooo many episodes. I like the 12-13 episode season.

I've become reluctant to share what shows I'm watching, because I find some people enjoy spoiling the fun.

That being said, I finished Man in the High Castle and the second season was excellent.
Tagomi is a party animal.

What are you guys watching?


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Guys! What happens if Trump wins?

I'll tell you one thing that will happen: I'll win $2 from my employee.

"OMG, you bet to support Trump?" My wife asked. No, of course I do not support Trump. But for 2 years I'd had to hear guy talk about how it's mathematically impossible for Trump to win because there are too many women and PoC voters. So, during the Summer I asked him if he wanted to wager on it. I think guy is ignoring the crazy electoral vote system and underestimating 30 years of hatred toward Hillary Clinton. The fact H isn't overwhelmingly in the lead is a bad sign. He thinks I give too much credence to polls, which ultimately serve to keep people interested in polls until the election.

And that's $2 if he gets elected. Trump wouldn't have to get sworn in.

In any case, my guy has been annoyingly cocksure and it's worth risking $2 to be able to hold over him, at least until the bombs start dropping.


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Listening to podcasts on the weekend I TWICE heard the word, amanuensis during panel discussions. It MUST be a word, because Firefox didn't underline it. I have to admit I don't think I've encountered it. Or if I have, I just bleeped over it and imagined the context. Now I am going to use it when I can, but I have no use for it. I should search our tech notes to see if Thesaurus-tech has been using it.


Did you hear there is an avocado crime-wave in New Zealand?

It makes me think of this very NSFW Oglaf comic.

I mean, what's more strangely adorable than an avocado begging for sex? "Sex with Avocado! Sex with Avocado!"


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