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  • Tue, 19:13: To people crying over a lion: Yes, it's sad. How many pigs, chickens and cows have you eaten this year? Rein it in with a little perspective

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Such a can of worms. I have a client who goes on hunts exactly like that. Has a polar bear, a grizzly, an elephant, a lion, a cheetah, etc., etc., etc. all mounted in his home. The whole feel about it is just gross. I love a steak, but I don't mount the cow's head on my wall, either.

Yeah, I'm not getting into it. I'm not NEARLY as upset as a lot of people. My general reaction is: Oh look, that guy's a huge douchebag. I have trouble quantifying what I find so distasteful, but I don't like trophy mounted fishes/deer either (and find people posing with them to be gross), and I have no problem with killing (other people) or eating (me) them. It defies the Scandinavian call to humbleness. It's just so...arrogant and pointless, the trophy hunting.

How dare you eat worms! Nematodes deserve to be loved, too! Well, after you name them and put little collars on them.

Like Charlie the Tuna, they WANT to be eaten. It's their little thanatos drive.

Thanatos Drive? I love that! I've never heard that expression.

Do you watch BoJack Horseman? It's got a world where the people and animal-people live together. There are no pets, but there are little scenes, like a cow waitress serving food with disdain "here's your steak" and the customer is all "I'm sorry..."

They did a whole episode on eating meat. There's a chicken farm that raises chickens, but also run by chickens. The difference? Some are people and some are genetically modified for maximum eatin'. It's unsettling but also very very funny.

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