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Listening to podcasts on the weekend I TWICE heard the word, amanuensis during panel discussions. It MUST be a word, because Firefox didn't underline it. I have to admit I don't think I've encountered it. Or if I have, I just bleeped over it and imagined the context. Now I am going to use it when I can, but I have no use for it. I should search our tech notes to see if Thesaurus-tech has been using it.


Did you hear there is an avocado crime-wave in New Zealand?

It makes me think of this very NSFW Oglaf comic.

I mean, what's more strangely adorable than an avocado begging for sex? "Sex with Avocado! Sex with Avocado!"

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We have a couple of mutual Friends in common, but what sold me on reaching out was this entry. I had forgotten just how important it is to be open to sex with avocado. (Most of my entries lately are just Twitter feeds; if you don't Friend back, I won't be offended.)

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