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(no subject)
Just saw Argo. A wonderful film. Suspenseful and well-paced. Great period look, and talented actors. Ben Affleck deserves all this attention.

But now there's The Master, Seven Psychopaths, Skyfall, Looper. Holy Cow. It's been a long time I've wanted to see so many movies in the theatre. Is it me or is Fall 2012 have an exceptional bumper crop of films?

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I like thrillers. I saw Sinister and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to The Master, Seven Psychopaths and once you get in and see the previews for stuff coming up, it's almost overwhelming.

I just saw Sinister last night. Creeped me the eff out. Really good, though.

I haven't even heard of Sinister

All the trailers looked good. I don't even recall what they showed. Skyfall and some Tom Hanks movie which seemed like What Dreams May Come.

Since I went to a horror/thriller, the previews were mainly for more of the same. One, Mama, looked particularly creepy.

I was thinking the same thing. We went through such a dry spell for a while and now there are TONS of movies out that I want to see (or coming out). A lot of good ones for the kids, too. We still haven't seen Frankenweenie and Wreck-It Ralph comes out soon.

Summer blockbusters don't seem as interesting as these movies.

I gave up on Tim Burton a few years back.

I really loved Frankenweenie!

Agree! I really enjoyed Argo. Looper wasn't up to the challenge, but seeing them back to back didn't help. Really impressed with the new films coming out. I think Skyfall will be great too.

No on Looper, eh? I guess it's tough to shift gears.

Argo's getting great reviews .. I wanted to go see it last weekend, but ran out of time .. I'll have to check it out soon.

Saw Seven Psychopaths - didn't like it.

As for TV - Once Upon A Time .. I'm losing interest .. you?

Too much talk will probably raise expectations too high. It's a very good film. Had an All The Presidents Men look to it.

Did you see In Bruges? Or Snatch? I expect a good combination of the two.

I haven't see the new episode yet. I'll watch it and make a OUaT post

(Deleted comment)
I wonder if studios have been holding their cash since 2008 and now they're spending again.

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