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Because I gave up on US debates halfway through the last one.,,

Well, it looks like the Peter Pan story has joined the mythos. This seems like a good development. So, is Baelfire Peter Pan?

Also, ABC/Disney is running low on intellectual property. We've seen Lancelot. What other of their own stories can they use? Robin Hood? Little Mermaid? Headless Horseman? Pete's Dragon? Dancing hippopotamuseses?

North American TV is excruciating. 24 slow-paced episodes per season? This is a sharp contrast to the UK and their 6-episode series. I think HBO does it right with 12-13.

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I completely agree with your HBO assessment. 24 is brutal, and 6 is just cruel. Now if all of American TV, including HBO (I'm looking at you, True Blood) could just learn from the Brits on how to quit while they're ahead... they almost always go a few seasons too long.

Commenting to Rob down below, I realize I'm not the viewer ABC wants. I don't set aside time to watch the show. I have no impact on advertising.

Most UK series I watch do 12-13 episodes. I like it at that length, but I really do like 24 episode seasons. I get more of the characters that I love :)

Do you like Sherlock? I'm going to start on it again, soon.

I was excited by the Neverland development because we've talked about it before, lol. Looks like our predictions could be right. Totally explains the dynamic between Hook and Peter Pan if Baelfire is indeed Peter Pan. Of course Hook would go after the person that Rumpelstiltskin cares about the most and Peter Pan would hate the man who his mother ran off with; even if Hook was actually trying to reach out to him because he was the son of the woman he loved, there would be some animosity. If I remember correctly, Peter Pan had some mommy issues? So, the question is, does Hook want to go to Storybrook to find Rumpelstiltskin or does he want to find Rumpelstiltskin's son?

Also, Mulan, and Lancelot seemed out of place, but Peter Pan seems to fit. But maybe there's another storyline later about King George? He and his wife couldn't have kids, maybe he is really King Arthur.

Oh yes. Peter Pan has serious mommy issues. This would make him fit perfectly in this show. Then there can be a Wendy.

Who is the guy they cast as Hook? He's got Richard eyebrows.

Colin O'Donoghue http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1524440/

I noticed that they put eyeliner on him to make him a Johnny Depp style pirate.

If you scroll down on the imdb page, you can see the name of the next episode that he's in, which points to one of your theories coming true!

Also, Wendy wouldn't be from the other world, she's from our world and would probably be dead by now and buried in England. Unless she got trapped in Neverland and couldn't get back. Do you think the Blue Fairy knows Tinkerbell? Maybe the Blue Fairy sent her to Neverland to look after Baelfire.

If there is a Tinkerbell, I wonder if she's good or bad. The movie Tink was quite a little bitch.

Nah, she was just jealous of Wendy. She cared about Peter a lot.

My co-worker reminded me that "Bae" went to a land without magic. He must be the guy who got the "Broken" postcard at the beginning of the season.

But did Neverland start out with magic, or did Tinkerbell bring it with her when she came? ;)

Maybe Pocahontas is one of the First Nations people living in Neverland. Let's be honest. There won't be any injuns in Neverland.

Hey, speaking of racial diversity, is Lancelot the only person-of-colour in the show? And he was supposedly killed off-screen.

There's also Mulan and the genie/Sidney. I don't remember any others.

Haha. I stole this from someone on Reddit

Hey, maybe Neverland is somewhere in our world? Because when you think about it, nobody in Storybrooke has aged. Pinocchio and Emma landed outside of Storybrooke but in the same world, and they both grew up, but everyone who was stuck in Storybrooke is still the same age. Maybe the spell that the Blue Fairy gave to Baelfire and the curse that Rumpelstiltskin gave to Regina are really the same spell.

I will be a bit miffed if they use Pocahontas in the fairy tale world. I know that it's possible to speculate about whether or not Mulan was a real person, but Pocahontas was definitely a historical figure and has descendents.

I think Baelfire has to be Peter Pan .. I do like the Captain Hook/Neverland twist.

I hope they can hold it together.

I first thought Rumolestiltskin's wife was a younger Cora. It would explain their history. But having them as allies works.

It's one of those shows that really makes you work while you watch it, isn't it? Trying to remember and figure out the different connections .. that's what I loved about the show LOST but in the end it got to be information overload for me .. not to mention that there were major gaps in the connections that I just couldn't forgive. So far OUaT has been easy to follow .. I'm looking forward to next weeks epi to see where the Peter Pan storyline will go.

Yeah. Lost was just unglued. It's impossible to not compare the shows, though. Maybe if they didn't have the same cast members. But I love me some Claire.

lol .. yeah, Claire is cute!

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I loved that show so much. Where are you in the series?

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That season opener was infuriating and hilarious at the same time. The old guy wandering in and out while Coop is bleeding on the floor.

I started to show the series to C. She didn't seem to grasp the magic of it. The slow opening. The music. I still love it, but the Donna/James stuff is uncomfortably hokey.

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In retrospect, I blame Lynch. He's not that great at lovey-dovey. I thought Blue Velvet's good/bad extremes were deliberate, but maybe he can't write love without it sounding mawkish.

You've got some good episodes. There's a few stinkers. Watching it on ABC back then was painful. There'd be a 2 week wait for a new episode. Then a lousy episode. Then another 2 week wait for a good one.

I've never gotten as emotionally involved in a show as with Twin Peaks. And the advent of DVD has enabled me to wait until shows have been around so I can watch episodes all at once. Screw that waiting! Plus, I can get feedback on shows like Heroes, where I know it's not worth watching past the first season, until it's put out of its misery.

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