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Let's talk about music...
What is the most talented band you know of but for whatever reason can't stand? Somehow, the sum of the parts don't make a whole. For instance Red Hot Chili Peppers are extremely talented, yet I would rather never hear them again.

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I know one Phish song. Is my life incomplete?

(Deleted comment)
I like to joke that my favourite song by the RHCP is their song about California.

It's really hard for me to separate "talented" from "I can't stand". For instance, Nickleback. I know they're the band to hate and all, but AV crews play them *constantly* and...they're talented in terms of being a successful band, I suppose. But are they really talented? Objectively speaking? I don't feel too qualified to judge.

Allman Brothers. I really can't stand them. Are they talented? I guess they are? I don't actually know.

I'm a ridiculously poor judge of these things. :)

I don't know if they're good musicians. But as a group, they're pretty mediocre. I don't understand their success.

Radiohead. Does nothing for me.

Have you listened to Pablo Honey? It's like a completely different band - in a good way.

They used to for m and then I grew out of it.

Also, hello on LJ, stranger!

I am rankled. She doesn't like anything with "too many notes".

Well it's true. There are only so many notes an ear can hear in an evening.

Cold Play. I have no idea why I hate them so much, I even sometimes think, "Huh, I SHOULD like this music, but instead I want to stab someone with a sharpened chopstick right now. I hope this song ends soon. Good thing I don't currently have a chopstick."

we just went to an otherwise-awesome wedding where the music was all classical except for the processional, which was Cold Play. It was an interesting string quartet experience.

I know all the big hair bands are talented and all, but I cannot for the life of me get into it.

Radiohead and Coldplay. I have no patience for whiny british men.

Chili Peppers are talented musically but lyrics wise they blow pretty hard and that's been a truth for a longass time.

What about bands/musicians that everyone likes except me? Like...bruce springsteen or the who or the dead. Have any of those?

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