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(no subject)

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Fear not. I'm well into the continent. Between Toronto and Indianapolis on their map. I'm on the tip of the dog's wang of Canada. Storm won't affect me at all.

Oh good. I'm glad you'll be well. Good luck to all the others who are in its way then!

waitaminute. where are you? Aren't you in East Coast US?

I believe it's pronounced FrAHnken-shtorm. /MelBrooks

But for real, I hope that it ends up impacting you minimally or not at all.

I think I'm well out of the path.

Good point. I was REALLY not paying attention to your location.

I doubt you know where I am as we are new friends. I am in Windsor ON (2 miles SOUTH of Detroit, MI). I'd like to point out that I am well south of you, so jokes about how cold Canada is will cause eye-rolls. No igloos or skiing, here.

it's supposed to hit us hard!

I hope y'all manage to stay safe.

It's not cool to make fun of a storm that has already killed 40 people. But come on. It's name is SANDY.

I hope that you'll all be safe.

Considering that the smaller hurricane last year flooded my wife's car we aren't taking any chances this year. We are packing up our cars and the guinea pig and going to my mom's house who is about 20 miles north just across the border into NY, on higher ground and not near any rivers. Depending on the forecast and winds and tide we will leave either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Thankfully my condo is on the second floor so I don't have to worry about that. I am worried about Charles our beta fish. He is older and I don't think he'd take well to moving to a new tank for a few days. I know he's OK not eating for a day, in fact he regularly has a diet day with no food to keep him healthy. I suppose chances are Charles won't be with out food for much more than 48 hours. Thankfully it won't be cold so he won't freeze if the power goes out. Sorry for babbling . I've been spending a lot of time today thinking about the worst case scenarios.

Okay, time to pedant up. Frankenstein was the name of the creature's creator, not the creature itself, so Frankenstorm is a silly name.

Also, there's a Canadian Hurricane Center. *sporfle* Maybe they should check with the Brazilian Snow Center on whether the resurrected Sandystorm could drop snow on Newfoundland. *giggle*

Hey. It was the US's NHC that came up the name. Someone thought it would be a suitable name for Hallow'en. No, he didn't call it Samhaim. Someone should tell the NHC to get smarter. They're going to be under scrutiny now that they are the stars of the latest XKCD.

Good thing those guys weren't in Italy.

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