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(no subject)
US Election Day, finally. It's about time. Hopefully Florida and Ohio don't fuck it up.

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Oh, there's an election today?

A fuck-up in OH & FL would force me to continue my mostly media blackout for even longer.

Good news is that last night this resulted in me watching the Firefly series premier again. Forgot I could do that.

Re: Oh, there's an election today?

I am scared at how close it is. Watch how one state flips and they'll call it a landslide.

Re: Oh, there's an election today?

All I think is: we survived Bush.

No need to write anything else (least of all b/c I'm at work & don't want to go blind with fury).

Re: Oh, there's an election today?


Well, not you, personally, of course. I'll stop agitating you. I just wanted to bring back an old icon. *hugs*

Edited at 2012-11-06 07:45 pm (UTC)

Re: Oh, there's an election today?

I was just thinking about that photo of Bush eating a kitty the other day.

Think about what it's like to live in a country where people elected Bush again. And are thinking about electing this guy.

That's why, currently, I am in the "duck & cover" phase. I don't even live in a state that kicked out that a$$hat Governor.

Re: Oh, there's an election today?

If it's any consolation, Canada fucked itself by electing a Conservative with a Western bias because the moderate "natural governing party" was shamed by scandal.

I am not looking forward to the lines. Oh the lines.

It's impressive how long Americans will wait to exercise their right to vote.

You'd be surprised how different it is here. I'm not saying it's better, but the lines certainly are. Our elections are just for the local MP (or MPP). Prime Minister is the leader of the party with the most seats. Rarely, there's a referendum. And we don't do that millage stuff. We elect people to do it for us and then bitch about them, like all good citizens.

And it's all on paper. Put an X next to one of 5-6 names.

At my polling station (local Hospice, bless their heart), it takes more time for the volunteer to find your name on the registry than to wait to vote.

I had to laugh at the last sentence .. sooo true .. takes more time to find your name than to wait to vote.

Today is going to be an interesting day .. I'm so nervous about the outcome of this!

I was going to refer to the volunteer as "the Mémé", but that sounded ageist.

Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

I'm not the sort to be all mamby pamby with "everyone should vote", as I definitely want one to win. But I think people who don't vote should STFU for 4 years.

The only thing Florida *can* be counted on is to mess things up. Ohio will be a mess I think.

Hanging Chads -- never forget

(Deleted comment)
Half of Pennsylvania would split, too.

Imagine all the flags you'd have to change.

I like this plan. Then Ohio can stop being the prettiest girl at the dance every four years. Not that I have anything against Ohio, but get it sorted, man. This goes for you too, Florida.

Many have said this before...

Including myself. This time, however, I am serious.

If Mitt Romney wins, I am saving my pennies and relocating us to British Columbia.

Re: Many have said this before...

Yeah, I believe you Alec Baldwin.

What I like are teabaggers threatening to move to Canada. Hahahahaha!

Re: Many have said this before...

I do mean it. I've wanted to expatriate since Bush was voted in a second time. Romney in the White House will get my husband on board. ;)

Teabaggers CAN'T move to Canada! They'll mess it up for me! XD

I stayed Florida solely so that I could help them NOT fuck it up.*

*OK, I stayed for the weather, but I did my best to help anyway! It was kind of an interesting day at the polls since the ladies were telling my boyfriend that they wouldn't let him vote because they don't know who he is because his government issued MN driver's license does not count as a picture ID, but does he have a Costco card or library card or something else with a picture on it?


They didn't even ask me for an ID. It's probably because I'm a ginger.

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