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yum yum
I don't know what this will taste like, but I'm pretty sure it will be delicious. And the best part is its fat free. Except for the bacon. And the chicken. And the sausage. And the fat.


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It looks raw *ducking*

What's it called??

It just started. Sheesh!

It's chicken with sausage and bacon with a side of apples and a cactus.

Since you're still here, I reckon you didn't win the lottery. Bummer. I was rooting for you.

Nobody won the 46 million .. I won $20 bucks though!
Next weeks jackpot is estimated at 50 million .. more money for meeeeeeeeeee ;)

Good eye. You didn't even have to see the beans.

Alas, no duck.

Thanks. It's not bad. Needs something, though. I posted a photo.

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