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Needs work
There's an aftertaste I'm not liking. I wish I had some white wine.

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I have a GREAT recipe for something similar... Slow Cooker Choucroute. I have it in my Food Network's Favourite Dishes cookbook, but I found it here for you :)

Thanks. Have you made it? I've never cooked with saurkraut before.

Yeah! It was flavourful. I only made it the one time, as Ryan didn't like it (not his type of food, I guess).

Looks good, mate. It could probably use some vegetables though.

I added some carrots, tomato and garlic.

And some pino grigio (only white I have). Hopefully it's not too apple-y when I finish it tomorrow.

What kind of aftertaste?
Looks tasty, though!

Could be the sausage maybe?
What kind did you use?

Oktoberfest, bratwurst.

Could just be the flavour of the dark meat. It's generally bland. I added more seasoning and some carrots/tomato/garlic and wine.

Not a bean fan, but the rest of it looks good.

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