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(no subject)
My fake-assoulet was better tonight. I added some more seasoning, garlic, carrot, tomato and white wine. Much better.

It's odd. It's beans with pork sausage, chicken thighs and bacon, yet it tastes like beef gravy? Nom nom nom!


I've been on vacation. It's been nice.

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There better be a recipe for this down my Friends' Page.

No recipe. I'm not sure if I did it right. I'm tempted to try again. Here's a log of my attempt:

1 cup of white northern beans, soaked
4 Schnieder's oktoberfest sausage, poached (bratwurst... pork+chicken)
4 chicken thighs (maybe 6. I forget now)
4 slices of bacon
medium sized white onion, diced

chop bacon and saute in pot to get the fat out.
add onion, then brown sausage and chicken
add beans and enough chicken stock to cover
cover in oven at 350 until beans are soft (an hour?)

I took a sample and there was an off taste. And aftertaste. I think I burned the bacon while browing the chicken/sausage. So next time I'll take the bacon out and just use the fat.

Taking advice to have a vegetable, I then diced a cup of carrot and sauteed that with 4 minced garlic cloves. Added about a cup of white wine and reduced and added it to the pot. I also threw in a chopped tomato (without seeds), some thyme, a couple bay leaves. I let it cool a bit then threw it in the fridge.

next day I put the pot back in the 350 oven for half an hour. Then turned down the temp to 250 and waited another hour. Then I ate.

Apparently it's supposed to make a crust on its own. Some recipes use breadcrumbs, but I figured it was fatty enough to do it on its own. No such luck. there wasn't much of a skin. Maybe I should have reheated it with the cover off the entire time, there was quite a bit of liquid.

Thanks for typing that all out xx

I like the thyme in it, and would probably add more tomatoes. Sounds like a good winter recipe, ta.

No problem. Thyme seems like a common spice for this sort of thing.

That sounds like a really good cassoulet! I made one for my (rather suspicious of new dishes) husband recently - pretty much what you cooked - and I used strong elderberry wine instead of white wine. And a tin of chopped tomatoes. Long slow cooking is vital, and the basic combo of sausage, other-meat, and beans.

And its better day after day!

I find it odd how it's a peasant meal, but made with duck. You must have to kill your own duck.

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