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(no subject)

Things the Internet hates, but I'm indifferent to

Family Stickers

Why the hate? Her minivan isn't a WW2 with kills stamped on the fuselage. Someone loves his kids, and his cats and dog. And why do you hate on minivans? Sometimes you have to move people around. The Caravan saved my dad's career. Complain about SUV's. I mean, SUV's are minivans for people who have money to throw away, and are too embarrassed to they need a minivan. Grow up.

Hash tags in Facebook. People saying "LOL" in real life

People cut-paste on twitter and Facebook. Deal with it. Language is designed by such colloquial. If you're so hateful, why are you even on Facebook? Hashtags are the least of the things you should be pissy about.

Titanic. Twilight. Justin Bieber

Titanic was an epic. You can argue the love story was simple, but it was a massive project and very impressive. Plus, the string quartet and old people made me cry.

As for Twilight and Justin Bieber. Clearly you are more sophisticated than a 13 year old girl. So are you just going to complain until 13 year olds are cool again? You're going to get old before you grow up.




What about you? Anything you just don't get the overreaction to? Furries? Bronies? YOLO? This post is a Safe Zone. Anonymous is allowed if you need it.

Plus, the string quartet and old people made me cry.

Me too. The love story? Not so much. But good god, the old people!

I'm backlashing to the backlash.

I think the hate on giant vehicles with family stickers is that they're generally driven by people with poor depth perception who are massively distracted and drive too slowly. It's more of a symptom of the type of person than a problem with the stickers themselves.

You may have a point there. I'll have to keep an eye out for such complaints.

People on the phone ARE something I have a serious problem with.

I still regret not buying the family stickers with the mickey ears when I was at WDW. I know I can order them over the internets but I am a purist. ;)

Oh...the show Dexter convinced me that those family stickers weren't a good idea.

Serial killer sees kid get out of van. Van has a sticker with a sister. Serial killer gains instant credibility by saying that the kid's sister asked him to come get him...

Not that this is the most *likely* scenario...

That sounds like anti-sticker fear mongering if you ask me.

Soccer mom probably taught her kids to fear all strangers: She learned it from Criminal Minds.

I can't think of anything the internet hates that I don't hate (except titanic, wtf?). I'm not sure what that says about me.

what about an entire sticker family (mom, dad, boy, girl, dog, cat, fish) mooning? Because that exists. My coworker saw it in traffic.

That's sounds fun/silly. Certainly doesn't bother me. The only stuff that bothers me are the nutsack cover on their trailer hitch. VBut even then, it's a good way of warning people know the contents of the pickup contains a douchebag.

The only thing I can think of is the whole childfree hatred of parental oversharing on FaceBook.

I get why people are annoyed by it... not everyone wants to hear about Little Billy or Suzy's daily trivialities. But on the other side of the coin, not everyone wants to hear about the trivialities enjoyed by grownups either. I'm sure folks inwardly groan when I post a cute picture of my cats or a snap of a completed sewing or food project. Then they do what I do and scroll past.

And the string quartet still opens the tear floodgates for me. :3

I still love cat pictures. Fortunately, the Internet does too :) Future alien anthropologists are going to study our Internet data and think cats are our dominant species.

I'm posting what I want. I'm usually pandering to at least one person... me.

Some self-professed childfree people really scare me. So much hate.

SUV - stands for "Stupid User Vehicle"

That being said, I drive one. Yeah, I need the minivan, but I also need to go places that minivans just weren't meant to go.

Fair enough. Lots of SUV drivers wouldn't dare drive in muck or conditions SUV's are made for. If you know how to change lanes safely, and don't tailgate, you get a pass from me :)

I like family stickers, but think it's dumb to put your kid's names on your car. My minivan is handy, but a gas guzzler. I sometimes want to do fake hashtags on facebook even though I don't even use them on twitter.

Names are a known risk. I don't think I've seen that.

But you know what? The majority of child abductions are by people they know.

I don't get get the appeal of family stickers but I don't care if someone chooses to have them. Minivans have too much of a bad reputation. They carry more people and more stuff than most SUVs. They cost less and get better gas mileage. The only thing I can say about minivans is that I think they have gotten a bit too big to be mini but I think that's the case with most cars. I never saw Titanic, don't think I ever heard an entire Justin Beiber song (at least not knowingly), and I never read the Twilight books. I did see most of the movies on TV but mainly because there was nothing else on. I don't think the films are great works of art, but I was minimally entertained while I watched them. The books may be crap but working at a library I get to see that there is a lot of bad books. But it doesn't matter. If the books aren't making people hate each other and they are not giving bad advice that could hurt someone, then who cares. Let the people that enjoy the books enjoy them.
I think emoticons are rather hand and wish I could use them in more places.

A good complaint I hear about Twilight is the weakness of the female character as a positive role model. Fair enough. But damn, a lot of people are reading those books. These are people who COMPLAIN WHILE READING IT, yet go to the very end. We all like crap from time to time.

The Petraeus Sex Scandal. Was it consensual? Yes? Then it's not a problem.

Yeah. What the hell?

People love destroying heroes. Thankfully they also love comebacks.

I'm not really "annoyed" by Justin Bieber and Twilight so much as I find them completely hilarious and dumb. But after watching the Twilight movies on cable, I do see why girls (and women) go crazy over them. (OMG his family is accepting of her! OMG he's watching her sleep, he must really love her!!)

OMG gorgeous sparkly rich superhuman guy who loves me and only me Bella and only Bella with a white-hot flame of totally baseless and undeserved love!!


if I hear the word "privilege" one more time, omg. And this is a word I've even said myself.

PCness. Some people go way overboard. They get so fixated on a single "wrong" word used in a posting, they forget what the whole post is actually about.

For example: I KNOW "bitching" is another word for "complaining". When I see it, female me is not bothered/offended/whatever; the person using it is NOT trying to intentionally insult me or anybody else. But a uber PCer will get up in arms about it (That's a misogynistic!!! Blah, blah, blah).

I never understood all the Barney hate. "Oh look, it's a purple dinosaur who loves everybody and wants everyone to be nice to each other, let's kill him!" Ummmmm, okay.

I have a brother who is currently a 13 year-old-boy and he got in a tiff with a 13-year-old girl over Justin Bieber and she told him to fuck off because she's going to be a Belieber for life. lol