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More things people hate that I'm indifferent to

More things people hate that I'm indifferent to

Follow-up to this post

Christmas Letters

Of course they're showboating how great their year was. Do you want a card reiterating how life is an existential nightmare? If more people wrote them, the bar would be higher.


I spent enough time trolling the Booj to know everyone hates Caillou. I don't get it. Is it the bald head? Everyone loves Ang. Maybe he should tattoo and arrow on it.

I once read someone complain how Caillou sucks because he whines about the weather stopping him from playing outside. Since she was molested at 3 so his whiney problems are so insignificant. Heartbreaking I know, but come on.

Socks with sandals. Crocs. Pleats.

I tell everyone else to grow up but apparently I'm 75. I have no understanding of the issue. I'll just trust everyone's insane hatred has some merit and avoid them.

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Socks with sandals is ugly. And you're wearing SANDALS, why are you also wearing socks? Why not just wear shoes? My ex once tried to wear socks with sandals to a WEDDING, with a suit on... I shit you not.
Crocs... I have mixed feelings about. I wore them when I worked at the Canadian Tire Garden Center, because it was hot, and with Crocs I could spray my feet, the water would get into the holes of the tops, and they are plastic, so they wouldn't get ruined. Mom and dad have house Crocs, they wear them in the house because they have bad feet or something. I think that in real every day life, people should try to not wear them, but I don't hate people who do!
Pleats... well... if you have a big "gunt" then pleats will only accentuate that.

Sandals at a wedding is just disrespectful. Even if you don't care, anyone would know the couple would want you to dress up (unless explicitly stated).

I feel the same way about crocs. I have a pair of lined crocs that are awesome for taking the garbage out in the winter or walking a couple blocks to my parents house. They replace flip-flops in the winter.

Also, you forgot to put "teen girls wearing pyjama pants in every day life." PYJAMAS ARE FOR BED TIME

I have another! When really overweight large breasted women have tons of cleavage happening. Like, I know that's the only thing you are proud of on your body, but seriously, big fat fat girl titties are gross.
I'm such a bitch.

Nono. You're misunderstanding my post. I'm saying I don't care about things everyone else is so vehement about.

Save these for an upcoming post where we share peeves.

I have no issue with Crocs. In fact, I find that while pregnant they are the most comfortable shoes ever (especially with the faux fur) as feet tend to expand a bit then.

Weren't they designed to be comfortable. Lightweight clogs for medical professionals?

(Deleted comment)
Elmo is like Ewoks. People born after a certain age love him and the earlier people hate him.

(Deleted comment)
You need one of those Grumpy Cat cards.

Dashing Through the .... No

Theres no excuse for like either one!

but you seem to hate everything. also, hello

no, no! Socks and sandals should NEVER be allowed! lol

my parents had a friend who would hand write a 4 page letter every year detailing all of the horrible things that happened to him over the year, and not in an ironic way. It was awesome. I was crushed when he finally died, and Christmas has never been the same.

I can't really get worked up about other people's fashion choices as long as they're not, "Oh, this is how it should be done," when they make awful decisions.

Pleats are hateful, but I don't have to wear them.

One year I am going to write a Christmas letter just with all the facebook statuses I had that year.

Look, poor taste offends me and it offends other people. We don't have a good reason for it, but I don't think it's that hard to understand. Does anyone really have a good, logical reason for the things that bother them?

I really have no opinion about any of those things. I've been trying to think of things that the interwebs hates but I'm indifferent about but other than political issues I don't think there is any.

I don't really watch many TV series, the only two I really care about are the UK version of Top Gear and Doctor Who. I can't say I'm really fond of the current Doctor and I think that the past season or so hasn't been really that good, but hey, I remember there were old episodes that really weren't great either.

I don't have any opinions about fashion or music. I know what I like and others can like what they want if I don't like it I won't listen to it or wear it.

Monkey LOVES Caillou. LOVES it. Watches it nearly every day.

Caillou is Canadian. 'Nuff said. ;)

I'm expecting a Christmas letter.

Caillou is sooooooo whiny. If I want to listen to a four year old whine, I'll just go to my house, I don't need it to be on a show.

I have allowed toe socks with flip-flops at night outside by the campfire. And I don't even know who Calliooo is.

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more things... as the Christmas season comes along

People getting all freaked out about xmas sales starting on Thanksgiving. "IT WAS NEVER LIKE THIS WHEN WE WERE LITTLE!!!1!" People have probably been saying that since the 17th Century.

And there's like this whole culture of people who will "OMG I'll always shop locally - FU Wal*Mart!!" Relax. Don't shop at Wal*Mart. But you don't have to get all self-righteous about it.

(Deleted comment)
I imagine it'd be something like:

Dear Persons Whom Facticity has Forced Into My Existence;

Another year has passed, an arbitrary period determined by the passage of the sun. As we celebrate the birth of someone whom we don't believe in, nor abide by his teachings, yet here we are.

My cat is fine. I watched him devour a mouse during the summer. His instinct driven chewing made me ponder the ontology of our our our existence overtaking our existence.

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