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I'm afraid of Amacrians (on Reddit)
Article title:
"Bob Schieffer: If Sandy Hook Shooter Had Arab Name, ‘People Would Be Going Nuts’ "

People are already going nuts. Wether or not there is a correlation between the amount of nuts they go and if he had an arabic, asian, western, latino or african name only goes to show that people are easily scared and that it sells a lot of newspapers.

Yeah. Now people are afraid of anyone with mental illness, or wears black. They're afraid of anyone, except people who stockpile weapons.

I had 7 assault rifles at one point. I hardly killed any children at all.

I say arm the children! Their rights shouldn't be infringed.

That's just idiotic.

Whew. I'm glad there's an extreme limit we can agree on.

Yeah, it's fairly common knowledge that children do not have the logical capacity, foresight or fully developed motor skills to use weapons. It is also illegal for children to own guns. So your "point" was useless in a number of ways. Unless I'm missing something.

Just arm the white children, of course.


Was guy2 serious? I'm wondering if he was reverse-trolling me. To be fair, I'm not anti-gun, per se. But scared/hateful jackasses with guns make me a little uncomfortable. But I just feel everyone is afraid of every aspect of this fellow (OMG, A GOTH), but heaven forbid thinking there's something with mother stockpiling weapons in preparation of the End Times.

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I read his response as being sarcastic. But maybe I'm giving him too much credit, lol.

I think he was serious.

I'm from the American south... this isn't an uncommon attitude.

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