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(no subject)
High of 16, low of -3. That's (61/27)F.


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Keep consistent, but avoid a quick freeze.

You're not the only one thinking that - I've heard much the same thing from others in our area. It was in the mid-30s (F; 1-2 C) on Monday, 50s (10C) yesterday, snowing today, single digits (F -15 or so C) tomorrow.

Pretty snow, though.

Re: make up your mind!

I'm glad it's not just Canadian who complain about the weather.

Re: make up your mind!

Wisconsinites complain a lot more about the weather than you would think. Even from people who grew up in this state (which is a big load off my back, let me tell you).

Re: make up your mind!

It's a custom!

Re: make up your mind!

That makes it much better. ;>

Re: make up your mind!

Upstate New York, same difference.

if you hate our weather, wait two days: it will be utterly different.

Re: make up your mind!

I remember Boston was the same way. In WI it tends to be "cold from Nov.-March; and in summer, watch out for crazy thunderstorms." Which is just fine.

Re: make up your mind!

Maybe it happens everywhere.

That occurred to me when I moved from Boston to Madison, WI ('tho as I wrote above, it definitely does not go the way other places go - so maybe I should just stop writing!).

Wow, big drop from high to low.

Our office temperature control is having trouble coping.

Go home, Winter, you're drunk.

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