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The cereal that tastes like miel
I bought the Honey Shreddies by accident. Bleah! They're revoltingly cloying.

Morning is not a good time for surprise and disappointment. Fortunately, I have a relevant icon.

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The joke is they started cross-marketing "Diamond Shreddies" as well as the normal square ones. It was a successful ad campaign.

I am constantly astounded by the number of breakfast cereals there are, and yet, I think your Shreddies are our Chex?

Pretty much the same, yes.

Generally bland, but a quick something to eat before going out the door.

Now imagine them mellifluously sweet. Ick.

Worse than pouring the milk on your cereal and only after taking the first spoonful that the milk has gone off, ruining both that whole bowl of cereal, but the possibility of milky cereal until you go to the store and get more milk?!

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