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(no subject)
My boss doesn't understand my jokes about Richard III. I assure him they're funny, even if I have to explain them.

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Naw. He's not in the spectrum.

He just doesn't know his Shakespeare.

I can think of a few modern actors who could visit there :)

I told him when he offered his kingdom for a horse, he should have asked for a 2CV. Boss has never heard of a Deux-Chevaux.

Then I said if they used a descendent's DNA to ID him, that means they used a scion to find him under a Scion.

Edited at 2013-02-05 09:41 pm (UTC)

It always takes the shine off a joke if you have to explain it! lol

Indeed. But I get my jollies telling people how funny I am and why.

For instance, when my wife rolls her eyes, I'll say "I need a better audience. The Internet would find this funny..."

BTW, I'm being facetious. Mostly :)

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