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I like to watch
I just finished House of Cards. Very good TV. I hope Netflix does well with it and other projects -- especially Arrested Development.

It's amazing how there are so many great shows out. We're in a Golden Age of Television.

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House of Cards is awesome, but it's kinda old at this point to be included in our Golden Age!

Naw. I mean the US remake, with Kevin Spacey.

I keep hearing good things about it, but worry 'cos it's a remake. I loved the original British series so much I'd hate to see it ruined.

I agree re Golden Age, but we don't have streaming so I haven't seen House of Cards. I hope they put it on disc soon. Are you watching The Following?

I dont know their release plans. I'd like to know because I'm trying to figure out how they make money on a production. Theres no ad revenue. By increasing the number of streaming customers? There's only so much market share.

These are the things I ponder at 2am but too lazy to google.

Is Netflix still taking over Jericho?

I've heard something like that. I didn't watch Jericho, though. I try to avoid new shows until they get some legs. I hate the disappointment of early cancellation.

Well Jericho is old - from like 2005 I think? It had 2 or 3 seasons. Really awesome. Then they continued it in a graphic novel.

Really? I thought it was only on for a season. My mistake. That's the one about a remote Colorado town that loses contact with the rest of society, right?

Your post made me start watching Arrested Development.

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