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(no subject)
Today I begin my Papacy campaign in earnest.

#NewPope #NoPapalBull

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I can't believe Benedict admitted he was too pooped to pope. I guess he's a pontifican't.

Brilliant! I wish I could upvote or like this.

Heh. That's why I cross-post. Plus, I can practice jokes on one audience and then clean it up for the other :)

Edited at 2013-02-11 02:39 pm (UTC)

I may swipe "too pooped to pope". :D

I guess we know what Benedict is giving up for Lent!

(Deleted comment)
I'll have to add these to my platform and stump speech.

(Deleted comment)
Don't be surprised if it happens.

I hear Up All Night is going towards a multi-camera + audience format. The creator and Christina Applegate quit due to creative differences.

wait, Christina Applegate quit Up All Night? But isn't she the one who's up all night?

I'm only married to a Catholic so I say what the heck. Pope away!

can you get rid of all the rules related to sex and reproduction? They're really behind the times, man.

I would say that this would get you my vote, but I don't think Jews get a pope vote.

I suspect their policies are pandering to their income source. 1.2 billion people, but I bet the ones with the money want to keep marriage defined as "man/woman" and condoms for nobody.

Chris says he hopes this isn't the start of a mass exodus from the Catholic church.

Leave it to me to hear about der Überkatolikenführer's abdication from a webcomic. http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp02112013.shtml

You've got my vote, let's make some white smoke. Wait. That came out weird.

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