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Moa. Moa. Moa. How do you like it? How do you like it?
I never knew knights ever did battle with moas, but someone is modeling the situation in an anaerobic chamber.


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waaait a minute.... do you mean MOA???

Auto-correct. Already fixed

I posted this thinking of you :)

ha! I spotted that moa way too fast :) Very jealous! Are you in C's laboratory?

Yeah. I just got a tour and was posting while she did some sampling. She works next to a museum! Dinosaur bones and stuff. This is something she should share sooner than later. Too bad it's closed.

"Battle" is a stretch there. Moas weren't much in the way of fighters.

Well, you don't see many knights running around, do you? They fight stronger than you give them credit. Ha!

are you saying they wiped each other out? Mutual destruction? I like it...

NGL, I am impressed that you know what a Moa is.

I bet you didn't know they could kick ass in a 0% oxygen environment

I didn't, but I can see why they're extinct having penchants for such places.

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