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Oh, hello!
Oh. Hello. Were you sleeping?

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My cats do this if I fall asleep down on "their" couch. I wake up and they're sitting on my chest an inch away from my face. I know they've been calculating whether I've been still long enough to consider eating me.

Chester (the orange one) is handy for naps. If I sleep more than 20 mins, he'll jump on me and start kneading or digging under the sheets. After an hour, if he's hungry, he'll jump on the dresser and start pushing items off, one-by-one. This is great to keep me from over-sleeping, but it's also why he sleeps in the basement at night.

Hey, want to be facebook friends with me so you can get in on this Once Upon a Time thread I've got going? https://www.facebook.com/saraline.grenier

Cool. I need to catch up, though. I'm a few shows behind.

The last episode had a pretty intense cliffhanger!

When I nod off on the couch, got one that likes to hit me in the face.

no - I 'm blottoed.
and maybe 2 sheets past tipsy.

He needs to have a coffee mug and to ask you to come in on Saturday. That'd be great.


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