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(no subject)
That sound of a cat puking upstairs and then that feeling when going upstairs and not finding anything.

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Pessimism: Stealth puke in a secret place.
Optimism: Cat re-ingested puke. Yay! No clean-up! (And also: ew.)
Reality: False alarm, but it's coming up later. Probably somewhere nice.

Yup. This is my life.

And both of them ran downstairs when I came upstairs, trying to find evidence. At least some stealth drool. I LOVE finding drool puddles walking to the john in the middle of the night.

I used to hate that when Amber would wake me up being sick and I'd get out of bed half-awake and half-blind and had to try and find it before I stepped on it...fun :/

One of the dogs totally did this to me this morning. Only it was in my bed, and i swear to god that i heard it splash onto the floor. But nothing was even wet.


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