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How can I part with my books??? It's taken my whole life to acquire them.

Ironically, some are books on Buddhism. So much for 'no attachments'

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My grandfather was a little bit of a hoarder. His house looked normal, but the property he lived on had multiple other buildings to house his junk. We filled many dumpsters after he died. That experience inspired me to take a sort of hard-line approach to my things.

During a de-cluttering a couple of years ago I decided to get rid of a lot of my books. I had collected them in much the same way you had. I decided that I was only keeping on the really special books. My Tolkein collection. My Palahniuk stuff. A couple of bound editions of Shakespeare and Poe. Some beloved books from childhood. All the rest went to the secondhand store. It all fits on one small book case about 4 feet by 4 feet. Now I collect my random books on an e-reader.

My wife's stuff is on the 2-1/2 shelves on the top left with my stuff moving in. She has had to move a lot, so she's learned to keep light. I'm invading her space like Germany invading Poland. Coincidentally, my copy of "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" is encroaching.

That gap a the top between bookshelf 2 and 3 makes me cringe.

I need to bolt those suckas together

thats not too bad!  I should take a pic of mg shelves

I've spared you the sight of my basement storage and office.

I want your shelves! Ours are overflowing, and we need to purchase a fourth shelf... and replace one of our current shelves because it is falling apart.

Of course, then I would be hoarding. But we do read and re-read a lot...and books are okay to hoard, aren't they?

See yesterday's discussion, re: hoarding.

This is just the books on the shelves. I have bags of books upstairs and boxes in the basement.

I discovered 4 Ikea Billy shelves fit that space, perfectly.


This is the system I use.... I have 3 bookshelves in the dark brown. And I am going to get the extra 1 shelf spacer for each when I move into a new house. Plus a 4th shelf and a corner one.

These are just the birch-coloured billy shelves. I didn't bother with the extra-shelves because they don't fit against the crown-moulding. Otherwise, it's be bookshelves ALL THE WAY UP. And our wedding shit would be on a shelf instead of on a bookcase.

I'm tempted to get some fluted trim to make it look all fancy-like. I just need to find decent roses for the top. And make the effort. zzzzzz

Books are always a good thing.

Nice! I wish I could find a picture of my shelves I had in my place. There were only three of them but they were against a back wall. I got my shelves used and they were custom made to be double deep and I had all three of them filled stacked sort of like one would make a dry stone wall. I also had another two shelves one of which had almost the entire run of Byte magazine from 1978 (I never got 1976 and half of 77) till the end of it's publication in the 90's (it sucked after 1992 or so)

When my wife and I wanted to sell our place we packed up all the books and stuff and put them in storage. Had to rent a van for all the stuff. Things were so heavy and so hard to move we just kept stuff in storge. So I'm paying like $250 a month to house books, shelves, and some other things :-/

Oh bubblemonkey, I'm taking four more books home today!

They better be about dinosaurs and guinea pigs.

I love my books and never could part with them!

some pictures of my books

well don't part with the ukelele for god's sake.

(Deleted comment)
My C++ books are there, too. The rest of my computer books are at work. Just in case I need to do some Delphi development :(

also I find it funny that I can recognize some of your books by the spine... ASOIAF on the top. LOTR on the second case, top shelf... I think I see jPod in there too..

I just want to come over and organize!!!

How much do you charge?

It's kind of organized.

Religion and Philosophy is more to the Top-left.
Politics Bottom-left

Languages Top-middle.
Science fiction and Cookbooks in the middle. Cultural books too (Music. Plays)

Christina's books on the top left. And my gift-book queue to read. Then errata bottom left.

My Dickens and Robertson Davies are WAY out of place. I should fix that... Ugh. So are my Ibsen and TS Eliot collections. And William Blake is completely missing... WTF?

Oh wait. No. I see William Blake between my financial planning books and my Mordechai Richler books.

That was hilarious.

I had an "on" day.

(Deleted comment)
Yes. Now you have to come through for me!

Why are you even considering having to part with your books? 0_o

Oh, that's not all the books. I have BAGS of them in my office. And I have boxes in the basement.

I even have a stack next to my bed... an assortment of existentialist writings, self-help, Carl Sagan's Cosmos, and history.

Why aren't they in my night stand? It's filled with guitar books, a couple novels and more Buddhist books.

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