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(no subject)
Holy shit! Once Upon a Time.

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Is this something I need to watch?

I'll describe it and let you decide:

It's Lost but with fairy tale characters. It's got flashbacks and relationship-damaged characters. Lost seemed about shitty fathers. OUaT is shitty mothers. Or stepmothers. They play loose with the characters, and favour Disney intellectual property. It's not art, but I find it fun to watch to guess who is who.

I know! Why, Snow, why! Although I am glad that my favourite (Rumpel) is still alive.

And he got some great sentimental moments. And some heat. That was Rose McGowan's best performance since Planet Terror.

She'll probably be back. We still have to find out how Prince Henry and Cora went from living in a palace to living in the middle of nowhere.

So did anyone grab Rumple's knife? Someone can make him so what they want.

I don't think anyone did. Regina was too shocked by what happened and everyone else is too nice.

Hey. You're not watching the NA Being Human, are you? There was a really good mouse effect which was funny and gross at the same time.

No, but you're the second person to mention it within the past half hour.

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