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Fuckity fuck fuck
I just had a visit from The Hag, AKA sleep paralysis. It's been a while since I woke up yelling for help. It's a sucky combination of that feeling there's someone there and not being able to move. I'm sure there's nothing there because Oliver remained a lump.

Then I used the john and freaked myself out with the thought of "what would I do if there was something standing behind that door when I open it?"

Good fucking morning.

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Oh man, that sounds terrible. I'm sorry :(

It's been a long time since that's happened to me. And Oliver was all "whut?"

I used to freak myself out with thoughts like that all of the time...especially while washing my face or taking a shower.

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It's the risk of trying to have a creative mind. Playing what-if.

Not wearing my glasses, it makes light on the wall and shadows even more nebulous. And I'm "what if that was a ghost, but I can't see it without my glasses?"

The worst is mirrors at night.

And I don't even believe in that stuff. But it's primal. And I thought I saw a ghost when I was 3-4.

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Whoa that sounds horrible. Sometimes I make a loud sigh before falling asleep and it scares the shit out of Phil. This is only something that happens when I am stressed, for some reason.

I've been doing that. Sighing myself awake. I'm wondering if it's apnea.

C does this huge twitch when she falls asleep. She'll even seem like she woke herself up but she has no memory.

You know I just had a sleep apnea test, which revealed I do have light sleep apnea. Not enough to kill me yet, but concerning nonetheless.

It shocked me, because I don't snore, I am NEVER tired during the day, I wake up completely refreshed and ready to hit the day running...I have no signs of classic sleep apnea whatsoever.

Yet the study showed I was having "micro awakenings" like 40 times an hour. Which should mean I'm exhausted.

I often feel like I'm spinning before I fall asleep. (Not twitching, but spinning.) I think it might be that positional vertigo thing, but again, it only happens when I'm stressed. It does make me catch my breath and fully wake up with my heart beating rapidly, however.

Good times, I tell ya.

Wow. That sounds exhausting


After a weird night, I'm not too tired, now.

Sounds horrible .. hope you're able to shake the fuckity fucks and have a decent day!

After that, I was laying in bed, thinking about how I didn't get up, then I realized I was sort of daydreaming but not. It was like I was dreaming about laying in bed, trying to sleep. Kind of trippy.

That really does sound trippy ... feeling a bit better this afternoon?

I'm awake and finally at home, but I had a bad day. try again, tomorrow

Ugh .. that's too bad .. but you've got a good attitude .. tomorrow WILL be better :)

I spent the better part of the day banging my head on my desk trying to get an application working, and in the end, it doesn't do what I need it to do.

I think my staff think I'm crazy. Every once in a while I'd bang my fist down and go "DAMMIT!" or "Erg!"

It's our job to make staff think we're crazy ;)


Good luck today .. TGIF!

I get that every now and again. Except generally I feel someone SPOONING me and then they WHISPER creepy shit into my ear. It is not exactly terrifying to me (it's hard to freak me out lol) but it is creepy.

Oliver doesn't like being spooned, either. He may sleep on Dr C's spot, but he's no C. Chester doesn't mind, but he sleeps in the basement.

Ugh. I'm sorry. That's awful.

What is it with sleep and dreams lately? I've heard of at least 2 other people having strange/strong/vivid/scary/draining dreams and disrupted and disturbed sleep; myself as well.

I told you. Whenever I start to feel good my subconscious hits me with a hammer.

Oddly, it's usually the content of the dreams which suck. Those were unpleasant, but I usually get the sleep paralysis when stressed, and I am not stressed.

I get that too. It is awful. I've started to take really deep breaths when it happens and it seems to help a little. I figure my brain needs oxygen to wake up my body. I am not sure if that is actually what's happening, but it seems to help a little.

I used to get it, and then it went away after the time I woke up with it and just enjoyed the ride.
Of course, i never figured out where that bloody hatchet came from the next day. Ha!

(Deleted comment)
I don't know. Could just be light sleeping. I woke up at 11 thinking it was early morning.

I really had to pee, so maybe my body woke my brain up before my motor control.
I don't remember the particular dream prior to waking up. It's usually something shocking. Like when I dreamt there was someone knocking at the door. I thought it was a parent and I was doing a coy 'whoooo issss it?' And there was a grunt and the door burst from the doorway, knocking me against the stairs.

Tell me about it. And it's been a rotten day. So much for turning a corner. I'll chalk it up to being tired and shut down until tomorrow.

"Sleep paralysis?" C'mon, Steve. What was it really? Aliens? Angels? Demons? Slenderman?

Seriously, though, that is a terrifying experience. Knowing me, though, I'd be all "Ooh! I've read about this! :D"

You would think so! But that's not how it works! I don't get terrified but at the moment you're going through it, you aren't really thinking clearly and it's very strange. It's not until after it hs mostly passed that you realize what was really going on and then you are like oooh. Well. At least I'm not REALLY being spooned by some creepy old witch whispering creepy shit into my ear. That's always a relief. :)

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I hate going to the bathroom in the middle of the night for this very reason.

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