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We turned off "Zero Dark 30" because it was unpleasant. Instead we watched "This is 40". Ugh. I would have preferred watching someone be water boarded for 150 minutes.

At least "Life of Pi" was brilliant.

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HA! I'm watching "This is 40" right now.
It's pretty funny. Not great, but pretty funny.

There's some funny bits. It's especially funny when they say things we have actually said today. But I lost my sense of humour when it wouldn't end. And I got tired of the over-the-shoulder shots. Zzz

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That's exactly what I was thinking. Maybe it's more complicated than that, but it seemed like a "real life" dramatization of a 24 plot line.

Zero Dark Thirty strikes me as too soon. But so does This Is Forty.

Life of Pi WAS brilliant!

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