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(no subject)
Oh wow. Unfriending is such a great feeling. I should do it frequently.

I have a Janet Craig Dracaena in my office. It looks much better after I remove the brown leaves.

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Lemme guess - some FaceBookers crossed way over the annoyance line?


I always thought it was the interface, but I'm realizing the reason I hate Facebook is the content. I don't mind opinions opposite to mine, but not when they are in sparkly animated GIF's.

Edited at 2013-03-25 03:58 pm (UTC)

Never had a FB, and this latest reason (sounds like they're turning into the second coming of MySpace) is added to my long list of why I don't want one.

Oh, MySpace was dreadful. The way it played a song when you looked at someone's page? ugh!

I'm sticking with LJ. I prefer threaded conversations.

Unfriending here, too.

Hope that one never comes back in vogue. Even with today's faster connections, it can still interfere with page loading. I keep the sound off on my end when online, so the the musical effort is completely wasted on me.

Pretty much only defriend if they're dropped off the face of the earth - "Well, been 3 years since they lasted posted. Maybe I can remove now?"

I "hide / view only important posts" A LOT of people.

Mostly out of laziness. It's easier/quicker.

And I just DON'T CARE. lol

i only did Facebook because so many friends jumped there, and last summer when i really needed to reconnect with those friends, i jumped onboard. i heartily agree, however, regarding the dislike of it. *sigh*

I was going to be the sole hold-out. Then a couple old HS friends were all "STEVEN! JOIN FACEBOOK SO WE CAN TALK!" and I was all "Duh, OK!"

that was me. in fact this entire thread is causing a vague sense of PTSD. ;)

I regularly look through my friends list on FB to see who I can get rid of. I have something like 70 friends or so. I had about 200 at my max, but then last year went through something and deleted more than 100 people. I feel better now. I'm also really picky about who I add to facebook.

Yeah. You keep deleting and re-adding me ;)

I haven't done that in a while!

(Deleted comment)
I didn't even know you're on FB. I'm a horrible creeper.

Not that I'm horrible, but bad at it.

I'm a feed-hider. A bunch of people are blocked but I haven't defriended. I mean, what if I want to stalk them some day? I enjoy leaving my creeper options open.

Sometimes it is very satisfying

I'm a coward - I hide a lot of stuff but don't unfriend many. It would make work tea break conversations just too awkward.

I use Facebook infrequently anyway - like you the sparkly gifs and "press 'like' if..." requests wind me up.

Some of them are just sick too. I mean - they post a picture of an apparently battered toddler, then ask you to press 'like' if you're against cruelty to children. There's no way I'm going to 'like' a photo of a battered baby FFS.

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