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What I hate about reddit
What I hate about Reddit

Someone asks what deathbed confession would upset the world. Someone suggests Morgan Freeman saying "I lost my voice forever" in sign language. I point out that's ironic because his hand is paralyzed. So I'm down-voted for my piece of wisdom. Actually, I'm probably down-voted because I used the word "ironic". Stupid assholes.


Today the two cars in front of me were silver Neons. We would have been a dorky trio photo op, but the first one turned around. It was a woman. The other one was a guy ordering coffee and three very fussy-sounding muffins. I'm not so ashamed of my chocolate milk. Shut up!

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I upvoted so now you're at a healthy zero. I don't like Reddit because it thinks my cat has mange :(

Edited at 2013-04-03 02:58 pm (UTC)

Maybe they're calling you mang, like dude, or brah.

yeah, that must be it: "It looks like your cat has dude." I mean, she IS half bald... what did I expect?

Anyway, I did not know that about Morgan Freeman either.

I don't like Reddit because 99% of the site reads like the bottom half of the internet.

I liked reddit for about a week.

But it's dumb, covered in stupid, dipped in a steaming vat of idiots.

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