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(no subject)
Finishing off the best pot of chili, ever.

How do you know when sour cream goes bad? Does it get less sour?

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the green spot or skim on the top usually clues me in.

I think it may seperate (or slither away or something...)

oh, it separates pretty quickly.

Let's hope I don't learn a 'valuable lesson'

If it starts turning colors. :)

Recipe? :-D


kidney beans
black beans
diced tomatoes
italian seasoning
chili powder
worcestershire sauce
frank's red-hot

It's the last of a batch I made and froze during the Winter. It's been a while since I made so, so I don't remember if I grated a jalapeno in there.
I'm sad it's gone. I'll have to get some fixins from the store next time I go.

Worcestershire makes everything better.

Now I want a ceasar.

when it gets watery, is when I toss it. Sometimes that isn't for a month or so past the "sell by" date.

You'll know when it's bad. When it separates, you can stir and it might be fine. If it smells like nothing (or icky), then it's a good idea to toss. But if you're like me, and have to taste it to be sure...well...like i said, you'll know. It gets a real funky taste that is nothing like it's supposed to be. But then again, if it doesn't smell "good" then it's bad. I just like to confirm it because i always seem to forget, lol.

We had chilli tonight too - nomnomnom

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