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(no subject)
So, this "Jew in a Box" exhibit has caused some stir. I can see both sides. I can imagine how myopic it would be to have "ask a black person". "LOOK kids! A real black person! JUST LIKE YOU AND ME." But the point is supposed to be HE IS YOU AND ME.

What's kinda amusing about this is it's akin to an art piece I was trying to conceptualize back in the 90's:

The Last Smoker

The Last Smoker is the only smoker left in the world. Smoking has been banned worldwide (read the title, duh) except within this enclosed chamber. It'd be a glass box with fancy frills like bellows and pneumatic tubes (your modern-day steampunk). There'd be a small fridge, bookshelf and TV. Then seattleforge would sit inside and smoke all day long, interacting with people, watching TV, reading or eating. Sometimes he'd answer questions. Sometimes he'd tell someone to "fuck off".

Sometimes I wish I could execute some of my clever ideas.

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Pretty much guaranteed to win awards with that one!

I had ideas. But I'm not even a has-been. I'm just a never was.

Hmm. Not bad at all, but I'm pretty sure you'd be the one getting executed if you made 'The 'forge' sit in a smoke-filled glass box.

Oh, he already volunteered.

He'd love it. He could give wine advice; Talk about the things he likes (football, motorcycles). Insult people who like things he doesn't like (baseball).

I guess we'd have to set him up with a little dinette set so he could do some smoker cuisine.

Yeah, I guess. With a proper smoking jacket.

Maybe a sign that says "Welcome to Sausagetown. Pop. 1"

Edited at 2013-04-10 10:50 pm (UTC)

If like the article says that many people in Germany don't know any Jewish people perhaps the exhibit isn't bad, as long as the people in the box agree with it.

The Last Smoker exhibit, will people pay to see it? Would people get a discount on days when the exhibit is cranky or isn't wearing French Cuffs? :-)

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