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(no subject)
Know when you play Tetris so much you get the animation burned in your brain? That's me after chopping cilantro. F-ing cilantro. Stuck on everything. Fingers. Work surface. Floor. Bowls. Teeth. Like a soapy green nightmare.

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When I was 10, I had a job picking cucumbers for a day. It was terrible, I saw fields of cucumbers everywhere for two weeks.

I had the same thing from corn detasselling.

I hate adding any kind of chopped herb to a dish because they're always so, so hard to round up and scrape off the chopping board and off the knife and off my fingers and yeah. I totally hear you on this one.

Indeed. And it wasn't dry enough so everything stuck even more than usual.

I've been playing so much Candy Crush Saga that I have the animations from that game stuck in my head. Its BAD. I need to delete it from my phone I think lol

You just reminded me of the Sweet Sweet Galaxy level in Super Mario Galaxy. I wasted so much time and so many lives trying to do this one level. I was up late and had to give up, but had the animation stuck in my head for days.

Another reason to hate cilantro.

The mango salad was good. it only had a little cilantro.

That's like the strawberry tart without so much rat in it.

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