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(no subject)
Nudging and deleting

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(Deleted comment)
Wunderbar! At least I see you on Facebook.

Nudge this!

But yeah, I posted. :-p

You may nudge, but please don't delete me!

Eh? Am I missing something? Is this like old Facebook poking?

It's pre-poking. It's a system for reminding people they are missed.


Gentle reminders

Actually, you only posted a week ago. I guess I could have waited a while.

I'm still here! I just tend not to post much at all.

You post pretty frequently. Not like some of these other lazybones.

(Deleted comment)
don't delete me! I am here. Just been busy. :p

Too funny with the icon.

Well you know I'm not going anywhere. =)

I'm here! Just...meh.

I'm here. I just don't have anything to say anymore.

I promise I'm here! School keeps me busy to do much more than comment here and there with the occasional post.

You can add me on the Book of Faces if you want too... I'm Sarah Hernandez in those parts. :)

Why are you sad? I didn't delete you.

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