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(no subject)
I know charities have to compete, and persuading people will increase their donations, but I really hate them calling me. I had someone asking me to increase my monthly donation by "even two or three dollars" I said I don't have the budget and he asked if he could call again next week. Sheesh!

People wanting my money. People wanting my crap. People wanting my blood. I'm just never going to answer the phone again.

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I hate those calls, too. They are even more annoying due to the fact that my salary is less than half what it used to be back when I first contributed to them, and they ask me if I can contribute at my previous levels. I hate having to repeatedly tell charities I don't have the budget. Besides, I know how to find them, if I had the money to give them.

Seriously. I'm already giving them money. Leave me alone.

I totally agree. Those charity calls are annoying. I have call display and find that I don't even answer the phone much anymore.

The other calls that annoy me are the service calls from banks calling to see if you're happy with their service. Leave me the fuck alone already!

I hate bank calls, too. They don't care about the service. They want to sell me insurance on my line of credit or Visa.

My answer is always "I don't give to charities that use their money to call people." Never had one call a second time after that.

That's a good one. I said to the guy "$2/month? You must be on commission." and he replied with "Well, I am a professional fundraiser".

I give to two charities. Their sites are different, but their calling tactics and my statement of impact letters are very similar. I bet they both use the same fundraising company.

Professional fund raiser. So you think when he was a kid, he sold overpriced candybars for school and thought to himself "I am killing this! Sign me up for a career."

That is awesome.

I just say that I never do any charity work over the phone, I read something about the high cost of phone stuff and how little of the $ goes to the charity. There are other ways I can give.

At work I just say we don't accept cold calls or do surveys because it impossible to tell if a business is legitimate. Maybe I should do that for home.

"Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter."


My favorite is when the local children's cancer hospital charity calls. They always start out the call with the sledgehammer: Do I want to donate to help sick kids recover from cancer and/or enjoy their lives?

What kind of asshole am I if I say no????? THEY GOT ME.

You should ask them if they really help kids or its all about raising awareness that kids get cancer

Sigh. They do.

I used to donate, but I don't anymore. I used to feel guilty when I would get the address labels and stickers in the mail and not at least mail something back. I've learned to say no.

I do what I can. I prefer to choose instead of having someone in my face. Like cashiers asking me if I want to donate a dollar to "children with x".

I get cards from a hospital I gave money to in memory of someone. Now every year they send me a card with something like "$5, $50, $500" in check boxes.

Stuff to add to the shredder...

I really hate that pressure from charities too, especially when they try to guilt-trip you

The sucky part of this is I made a similar comment on Facebook, looking for a web site of vetted charities based on how much money goes toward the cause, and their progressiveness (hire/support ethnic minorities and LGBT), and one of my FB friends works with my mom for a local charity... so my mom was wondering if I was unfamiliar with St Vincent De Paul's policies so she gave me the low-down.

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