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(no subject)
Last Sunday at 2pm, someone called me from some 866 number. I actually don't know who it was. He disturbed my nap and mispronounced my last name. So I yelled at him to not call me again and hung up.

I'm fairly certain it was that TV Ontario fund raiser I was complaining about before. Seriously. Who calls on a Sunday?

I had sent them a complaint email about them using my donation money to pay solicitors to ask me for more money. But they never replied back. So I pulled my monthly donation and sent an angry email that they need to include a DNC toggle to their donor personal information page. If they have a setting to suppress email, they can add a setting to suppress telephone callers.

So now I'm gonna watch TV Ontario guilt-free. Of their $60 million operating budget, $30 million come from taxes anyway. Suck it!

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Good for you! You'd think they'd be nice to people ALREADY GIVING THEM MONEY. Clearly they didn't deserve it.

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