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(no subject)
Last Sunday at 2pm, someone called me from some 866 number. I actually don't know who it was. He disturbed my nap and mispronounced my last name. So I yelled at him to not call me again and hung up.

I'm fairly certain it was that TV Ontario fund raiser I was complaining about before. Seriously. Who calls on a Sunday?

I had sent them a complaint email about them using my donation money to pay solicitors to ask me for more money. But they never replied back. So I pulled my monthly donation and sent an angry email that they need to include a DNC toggle to their donor personal information page. If they have a setting to suppress email, they can add a setting to suppress telephone callers.

So now I'm gonna watch TV Ontario guilt-free. Of their $60 million operating budget, $30 million come from taxes anyway. Suck it!

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I had some people calling me 3 or 4 times a day, even though I'm on a "no-call" list. They wouldn't identify themselves, and there was never anything on Caller ID except for the phone number. When I picked it up, there was an automated voice asking me if I wanted the call in Spanish, then it would click off. All of this ended when they called (at their usual time, 8:35 a.m.) and I picked up the phone and screamed, "TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST!" and hung up. Seems to have worked.

I really totally think they call too much because some marketer is telling them that, statistically, this is the best thing to do. It's frustrating when that takes over.

Although it still doesn't answer who the heck was calling me.

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