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I have my first war wound of the season. I seem to have chafed the entire inside of my thigh with my boxers. Ow!

This is good in a way, because I would have run too ambitiously for my own good.

It hurts like a dickens, but hey, it's kind of a badge of honour. Why be ashamed, right? Every rash, every blister, every bloody nipple is a sign that motion has occurred, right? Yay me!

Still, ow! Here's to Body Glide and Band-Aids


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Body glide is your friend.

So are form-fitting shorts under your running shorts.

Indeed. Unfortunately my form isn't fitting my clothes as of late. And I was wearing heavier cotton shorts.

Erg. It feels like someone is tugging on every hair inside my leg.

You could try tee-tree oil soap when you wash the area. It seems to help with healing.

I have the thigh rubbing issue cause of big thighs. It sucks.

I dunno. You have nice gams. I seen them!

too lazy to log in

I gained weight, they are fatter now. But thanks anyway for the compliment. I still show 'em off!

made for a very long night and painful showers :(

That sounds horrible.

But on the other hand you are keeping in shape and able to do things that would probably tire me out if I were following you in my car. So good for you! I wish I had the willpower to do what you do. (I'm not being sarcastic) I'm proud of myself when I can walk for a mile with out feeling like I'm going to die.

Thanks, Jon.

I talk about it because if I have to endure it, I get to complain. Hehe

Baby powder works well. :)

Is baby powder made of corn starch now, or do they still use talcum?

Bloody nipples? Runners be crazy.

After a shirt is soaked, it loses its softness and weighs down on stuff.

The worst was first time I ever ran 15k, and I messed up my wiener :( I never wore THOSE shorts again.

Edited at 2013-05-02 08:34 pm (UTC)

I gotta wear form fitting lycra shorts. If they weren't low friction, I could burst into flames.

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