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(no subject)

I heard an interview of with scientist discussing the weaknesses in the conceit that paleo diets are more natural from an evolution point of view..

Young interviewers. I found the abuse of the word, "cool" quite disappointing. Oh, and the use of "gajillion". I'm glad there weren't many "like's" peppered in there. Jinkies.


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"Like" overkill gives me a twitchy eye. Gets worse when I hear adults (as in people no longer in their 20's) doing it.

Paleo diets - hahaha. Hello??!! The average "cavemen" rarely lived passed the age of 40.

Saying "cool" struck me as off-putting.

To be fair, I use colloquialisms (especially bajillion or gajillion), but that's not my interview vocabulary. My interview vernacular is more like "uhhhh, ummmm.... yes. ok." haha

Food-restricting diets seem like a path toward disordered eating.

I've noticed the same thing in newspaper writing. Our paper has gone to three days a week, and it seems like reporters have pretty much been replaced by bloggers. The writing is so informal sometimes. And the "USA Today" style of writing everything in the present tense just drives me bonkers...

It should be USA Yesterday, amiright?

Whaaaaat? Gajillion isn't a number?

For me it's the "lilt" at the end of every declarative statement that makes it sound like a question instead of a statement!!

You mean the vocal fry all the cool girls do? Ugh.

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