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Funiculi Funicular!
Words I dislike:


Bonus: Awkward has too many w's.

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Well thankfully those words don't come up too much. There are a bunch of words I don't like but at the moment my brain is too full to remember what they are. Which is odd because normally things I hate come to mind all too easy.


I also hate mascarpone because everyone mispronounces it. It's mascar, like NASCAR.

And "ironic", because nobody knows what it means. Let's all just give it up.

Is it really mascar like nascar? I've heard the incorrect 'mars' and I've heard the what I thought was correct 'moss'carpone, but never that longer 'a' like in nascar.

Oh yeah. I forgot about the Canadian vowel shift.

I suppose people in the South pronounce it with a long a.


My point is, get rid of it. Everyone uses that chewy fondant nowadays.

Ahh, I am not familiar with the Canadian vowel shift.

I don't think it's a southern thing and it's not a long a in Nascar. It's an 'a' as in "apple", instead of an 'a' as in "adore" (almost like an "uhh" but not quite)

It's not really a shift. We just don't stretch vowels. That's where that whole thing about "aboot". Which we don't say, PS.

Aren't pronunciations fun? We should be having this discussion by phone (I mean phooooooooooone)

I like the words "chitin" and "chitinous," but so many people mispronounce them. Wil Wheaton was narrating John Scalzi's The Android's Dream and said "chitinous" like it's spelled, instead of with a hard "K" and long "I" as in the Greek letter chi. I cringed.

yes but that's what makes "awkward" perfect.

I'll have to produce a list of words I like, ie


No! Palimpsest is an AMAZING word!!

One of my FB friends' wife has a printing company called Palimpsest Press. I asked him if she strictly prints on used medium after the text has been erased. He was impressed I knew the term. Yet, it's not a pleasant word. Stops the flow, dead.

I have to admit I had to look that word up. When I saw it remembered it though.

I think awkward is an awkward word as well.

We run a course called Paris as Palimpsest. I wonder how many students know what that means?

I hate slacks, atop and moist.

Oh, my wife hates slacks. Of course, I use it to annoy her. I also call khakis, "chinos". Heh

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