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Apparently it's 20, but the sodden air hangs like an uncomfortable hot moist something. Ugh. All I hear outside is the din of my neighbours' air conditioners.

Screw you, nature. My AC is joining the choir.


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uh... centigrade, right?

Edited at 2013-05-31 12:10 pm (UTC)

Yes. And 20 should be 68. But it was so muggy the humidex was 30

I wonder what our humidex is? I don't think we have that down here. I think we just use relative humidity, which is given as a percentage.

On further investigation, we sometimes get a heat index, which is the same as humidex and is air temp combined with relative humidity. I think most weatherpersons still usually just give the relative humidity though.

****the more you know~~~~~

And that's 30C. Probably not high to you Atlanta types, but my bed was soaked in sweat.

... set A/C on "Stun"

It's 27.5 in our house right now. If it goes up to 28 I start to get a little warm and might turn on a fan. I'm all confused because I have the indoor thermometer on C, but outdoors I think in terms of Fahrenheit. It was 85 yesterday.

Just to clarify, out house is hotter than most peoples around here. I think most southerners can handle the heat when they are outside, but are less tolerable of heat inside. Most people probably keep their house at about 21-23 C.

I like it cool when I sleep.

My ACs and fans are in the choir right now. I just wish I could have an AC in my living room.

I've managed to avoid using them so far, but 3am was too much. We'd just had 2 days of rain and the air was thick. Bleah.

I slept nicely in the crispy air.

68 degrees is hot for you?! We were at 90 yesterday and should be somewhere in the 90s again today. :D

Normally it isn't. The 95% humidity was a bit much.

I'm sure you have A/C.

It's currently 77F (feels like 89F)

It's supposed to go to 86F. I don't know what it'll feel like, but I'm sure it'll be in the 90's.

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