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(no subject)
Since everyone seems to want to imagine who would play the 12th doctor, and they insist on eschewing the traditional avuncular English character, here are my suggestions.

Henry Rollins
Terry Crews

I seem to be fixated on muscular guys, what's up with that? Then Chaely made me realize what it was. The answer I've been working on is: Idris Elba.

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There's been a lot of Idris Elba talk, and I for one would LOVE for him to play the Doctor.

12th is supposed to be a baddie, The Valeyard.

It certainly looks that way. Dunno. Matt Smith is sticking around until after the Christmas special, and John Hurt is in the 50th anniversary in November. So who the hell knows what they're doing. I'm just along for the ride :)

Is that Sting, the muscian or Sting, the wrestler?

Stone Cold Steve Austin or Stunning Steve Austin?

The Six Million Dollar man!

I've got a couple of nominees, not including my other nominees from the facebook thread.

Mary Lou Who (Last name built in)
Darius Rucker (Dr. Hootie and his time travelling blowfish)
Joseph Wiseman (Dr. No, Who?)
Otto Gunther Octavius (Dr. Whotopus)
Comedian Dat Phan (Dr. Whodat)

Heh. How about Dr Margaret Chan (Director-General of the World Health Organization)

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(Deleted comment)
Sanjay Gupta, because he's a real doctor.

Ken Jeong, because he's a real doctor.


And he could actually be called Dr Who.

(Deleted comment)
That long scarf was code for something. Heh heh heh.

if Henry Rollins was a Doctor, I would totally start watching it again.

I gotta be honest. I can't get into it, anymore. Oh look, we can't get out of this storyline? Let's create a paradox, or some other deus ex machina.

i totally don't care, but Idris Elba was the first person that came to my mind, too. but then i'd watch him do just about anything (:

He's one of the few men I'd switch teams for.

I would really enjoy Alan Rickman. In anything, pretty much. But he'd make a good Doctor.

Samuel L Jackson.

"Of course I'm glad those weeping motherfuckin angels are dead, I hope they burn in Hell!"

I got three noms for the next Doctor. Tilda Swinton, Emma Thompson, Sue Perkins.

"Well, this is different. Erm, am I... a woman? *grabs chest* Oh, dear, I do seem to be. *turns away and checks trousers, turns back* Yes, I really do seem to be. That's never happened before. *checks mirror* Drat, still not ginger, though!"

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