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What is this and why does it fall over every year? Am I supposed to feed it or prop it up?

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I am by no means a plant person so I am just taking a guess and saying it is lavendar. Does it smell good?

Wrong leaves for lavender. I can't smell.

It's like basil leaves with rosemary flowers. What kind of perennial freak is living in my garden?

Looks like perennial salvia. And they fall because it looks like they bend to get sun. And they're a top-heavy plant.

SO he should eat it if he wants a wild experience? hahaha

It's a water-weight bend, not photo-tropism. Well, there may be a lean from the sun, but those suckers drop after it rains.

I see those growing wild all over the place. I don't know what it is though.

We planted it it, but I lost the little tab with the label.

Salvia has leaves like sage. I'm thinking it's more like a delphinium?

Maybe. I had a little one grow next to it last year, but it didn't survive. This one is pretty hardy. It tends to leaf twice a year. I should cut back that Japanese maple a bit. I have a black thumb.

This happens to my irises. What good is a big, beautiful bloom if it is destined to fall in the mud?

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