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(no subject)

I hate iPhone LJ app.


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It's not great but I suppose it's better than nothing

It's OK. I just need to know what I'm doing. Plus, I edit a lot, which is a little frustrating on the app.

What about it do you not like? I'm not crazy about it either. I can't figure out how to remove my old messages. Messages that have long deleted from my actual LJ account. I have tried logging out/in and it doesn't ever refresh.

At least I can update from it. :/

I was commenting to someone and it became a post, instead. So I copy and pasted the text to make a REAL comment, then deleted from the post and changed the text to the post to say "I hate iPhone LJ app" because it was easier than figuring out how to delete the mistaken post.

I never liked it either. Now I just use the browser and it works just fine. Well, as fine as LJ ever worked.

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