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(no subject)
Charlie Day is in the new Guillermo Del Toro movie?

Pacific Rim: "Who Pooped In the Robot?"

And Jax Teller and Clay Morrow are in it! And STRINGER FUCKING BELL! It's like if Power Rangers was cast with people from my favourite shows.

If Del Toro does anything, I hope he shows Michael Bay how to do it right.

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*shrugs* My reaction to the Pacific Rim trailer was, Huh. Looks like the live-action American take of Neon Genesis Evangelion finally got out of development hell. All it took to get it on the screen was completely divesting itself of ties to the source material, minus Glados saying, "Eva launch". And Del Toro's involved? This movie cannot be meh. It will either be awesome, or time to get out the pitchforks and torches.

Never watched NGE.

Trailer seemed a little ID4 "Today, the Apocalypse is cancelled!"

I hope it's good. There's so much talent in there.

Way before the Pacific Rim artwork, Threadless has this tshirt with a similar theme.

when I saw the trailer, I thought, "oh well, I guess everyone needs a paycheck." Actually, I say that after a lot of trailers.

Fun fact: in NZ I used to work with an actor who used to record sound effects for power rangers. Like, the grunts you would make if you were being punched, etc. (everyone needs a paycheck).

I watched Prometheus today. Proof that Idrus Elba doth not a good movie make. I should just go back to The Wire.

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The fact you know Johnny Socko just confirms it ;)

Oh man. Have you ever tried watching that or Ultraman on YouTube? Eek

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