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Because I read somewhere that it pays to increase your word power, I've been trying to learn GRE words in a flashcard program (Anki)

Fuck, I'm already failing miserably in the A's. I don't know abrogation from abnegation. Man, you lawyers have some good retention.

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I don't think Lawyers take the GRE, so the joke's on you! For the record, I didn't even know abrogation was a word.

abrogate means to eliminate a law or a right, which is probably why he talked about lawyers :)

Edited at 2013-06-25 03:31 pm (UTC)

you totally looked that up (right???)

naw. She's well versed in "legalese"

no, to be honest, I thought I knew what it meant but had to double check (I was right, but I couldn't...vocalize the definition until I looked it up). I don't use that word often (never).

hey, at least you knew it was a word ;)

I love words! I should do the GRE flashcard thing too, for fun.

S, is it an app?

It's a free program, but they make money by selling the app.


There's a huge database of publicly shared flashcard lists. Lots of language and science stuff. I wanted to learn the European and US capitals.

They give a bunch of words at a time and depending on your rating of difficulty, show the word more or less often. I won't be asked the capital of the UK for 3 years. But I'll be asked the capital of Slovakia tomorrow, because I can. never. remember. Bratislava.

They don't. But it's the legal words which leave me stymied. Funny how often I think I know what a word means until I actually look it up.
(I even looked up stymied because I had to be sure...) It's a list of 1000 words. Maybe it's a thousand I could live without.

I also reviewed my European capitals after a long while. Your mnemonics proved helpful. I will never forget Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria.

I need a mnemonic to remember my mnemonics - I only have the vaguest recollection of that conversation.

You said Sophia Lauren has bulges in the right places.

oh I was funny back in the day!

Other fun words: abeyance; abet; abstain; accomplice.

I was using Anki to remember some nursing stuff for school. Pretty neat little program

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