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(no subject)
Happy Independence Day, America.

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I'm putzing around, but will read the Declaration of Independence at some point today.

And there are fireworks nearby. I could go looking, but they are usually at the high school. If nothing else, I'll hear the booms.

I spent it trolling people, pointing out that July 4 isn't really the birthday because Britain didn't let them be a country until the Treaty of Paris and the constitution and Bill of Rights came even later. That got the ire of a few people.

I don't like having a January birthday, so I'm just going to celebrate my Conception Day in March.

This is mostly a good day to sit around and do nothing. Which is always a fine thing to do. :)

You did the C25K. That's pretty cool.

Heh, it will be cool when I can actually get to run 5K (or longer). Just working my way up for now.

When you do something more than three times, it's likely to become a habit.

I heard it was 30 times. But I also managed to work out regularly for three years and then drop that like a burnt hog dog. We'll see. :)

With running I tend to overdo it and then I get a cold which sets me back. Then I have to start again.

I'm trying hard to not overdo it this year.

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