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My B-I-L pointed out the Royale Cat is creepy when you turn the package upside down. Now I can't unsee it.


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Do you think it would be better or worse if it was watching us? This way it looks as though someone nailed up a stuffed toy.

It is held up by a demonic hand, and it's ready to drop on the unwary.

Ceiling cat is poised to take us to Hell!

(Or perhaps it's just afraid of Chester?)

Ceiling Cat is watching you poop

I've only just looked at that package closely enough to realise what it holds!

Here, Andrex uses cute little puppies - and never tells us whether they are house-trained.

Hehe. Yep it's a toilet paper brand.

Don't let the soft kitten fool you. Canadian toilet paper is an atrocity. There's a regulation on the amount of pulp used so it's coarser than, say, US TP. I discovered this after I scratched a pair of glasses using it to dry them.

Why do I want to wipe my butt with a cat?

Jon. Why does Charmin use bears to advertise? Bears with bits of toilet paper stuck to their bum. THAT IS NOT CUTE.

I miss the crotchety Gale Gorden-type fellow. Yelling at sexually repressed housewives who compulsively squeeze his Charmin.

Those damn bears are the worst. So nasty.

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