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"a real nerd is ashamed to be called a nerd"

I disagree with the sentiment here. My first instinct is to go, "YEAH! Fuck you, poseurs". But then I realize "nerdy" things aren't inherently exclusive.

I admit it bothered me when people who made fun of my taste of music ("Rem? what the fuck is a rem, fagit?") changed their minds later. But at least I can be smug that I was right?

John Scalzi always makes a decent point

But you know what? I'm a shitty geek/nerd/whatever. I don't play video games. I only know comic books in passing. I install operating systems as a hobby and watch a shitload of TV. While I watch Venture Bros, I am trying to learn LISP, Latin, and trying to understand Kierkegaard. I know nothing of sports. I have zero social cred. Fuck me, right?

I'm usually better at ranting.


I'm also reading Pema Chödrön, but I didn't mention it because she's a friend of Oprah.

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It's odd to hear people talk about Dr Who. It was such a solitary affair when I was young. I think it's much better, now. Not Dr Who per se, but acceptance.

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Yep. I was alone on Tom Baker. When I got into HS there were a few Dr Who fans, which was nice. But it was Colin Baker and hiatus by then.

This article made my day.

Also, I don't play video games or read much comics, and I only keep saying I want to build a Linux-based system on an old laptop but I've never found time to do it. But I'm into bad sci-fi movies, MST3k and spin-offs, post-apocalyptic novels, and chemistry jokes. I found fandom when watching Defiance (but not LOTR/Harry Potter). Also, I think it would be badass fun to cosplay if, you know, such things happened near where I live and certain assholes didn't assume it was just for male attention.

Edited at 2013-07-09 10:22 pm (UTC)

I suspect all the good chemistry jokes argon.

I've heard zip about Defiance. But now that I've looked it up, I see Julie Benz and Mia Kirshner and I feel a little ... distracted.

I watched quite a lot of MST3K. We couldn't get it in Canada, but my friend would tape it from satellite.

PS. I always knew you were cool. I've had my ion you.

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A fellow geek gave me the whole collection, once. I should burn some for you. Defiance reminds me a little of Firefly, although little can surpass Firefly.

And hey, it's good to know that I don't Bohr you.

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I haven't seen Warehouse 13...will have to check it out. Thanks for the rec!

I watched about 5 eps of Defiance and then gave up. I like the concept and the world a lot, but I realized that I wasn't actually enjoying watching it. I just wanted to enjoy it.

I am perfectly have to associate as a geek/nerd. I'm comfortable in my geekiness

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