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What is the craziest thing you secretly believe?

Do you believe reptilians rule the world? Think vaccines cause lycanthropy?

Anonymous comments allowed, but why bother? I'll start.

I don't believe in ghosts or monsters, but at night I think something will bite me if I dangle a limb off my bed. I also can't sleep with the closet open. I shudder when I consider I've closed more closets in my life than opened them.

I can separate myself from this believe and logically deny it, but it still doesn't stop my from doing it:

Sometimes I believe that the outcome of the baseball game is dependent on whether the channel has been properly switched (or not switched) during the inning breaks. I mean...I *don't* believe-believe it. But I still go all flip-happy if my team isn't doing well.

That's the sort of confession I was looking for. How does flipping work? do you have to do an even or odd number of flips during a break?

I truly do think that there are illuminati and giant world conspiracies going on. I believe very strongly in aliens, whether or not they have visited us I don't know. I also believe in a higher plane of existence, and that certain people have the ability to communicate with the dead and to receive messages.

Thanks for sharing.

I'm kind of going to the point of NOBODY knows that the fuck is going on in the world.

I believe strongly in government cover ups/secret operations, and I'm afraid that if I'm too outspoken, Obama will send his drone my way.

There's little reason to doubt government coverips and secret operations. All we need to see are the unclassified CIA activities of the past. Coups. Torture. Mind control experiments. And that's the stuff that wasn't expurgated!

Here's another. I don't think Obama likes Israel too much and is doing what he can to help destroy it quietly without pissing off his major Jewish contributors. I really don't like Obama and am upset that so many in this country are duped by his charisma.

I think he's not making an effort to destroy it as to just not give it the attention his contributes are accustomed to.

He's definitely an opportunist. But they all are.

No specific beliefs I guess, but if I were single and had more money, I would probably be dangerously close to one of those doomsday prepper, live-in-a-cabin, learn-to-throw-tomahawks guys.

"I might be moving to Montana soon"

i have zero reasons to believe in ghosts or hauntings, but i've watched enough scary movies that i hate looking into a reflective surface in the dark because i'm afraid i might see something scary behind me. and lately? i'm even afraid to look into my bedroom window's reflection when i go to shut the curtain. i should definitely stop watching scary movies.

My parents cottage has a bed in the front room, which is essentially an enclosed porch. They don't have curtains. I HATED that bed because I felt like I was in an aquarium and I was just surrounded by inky darkness.

Add the occasional screaming animal... ((shudder))

That my cat might actually save me from a burning house.

If my house ever catches fire, Chester is the top suspect.

I cannot go swimming alone because I am afraid of sharks.

this also applies to swimming in fresh water AND swimming pools.

if I am standing up, or someone else is there I'm fine - but the second I get horizontal in the pool - I freak out.

Oh. Do not watch the upcoming Sharknado, then. Tornados + sharks = Sharks in swimming pools.

(Deleted comment)
Well, I can't see without my glasses, so the blobby noise of an open closet can be a little surprising at 3am. the visual cortex is made to find patterns.

i'm still skeptical about the moon landing. a tiny, tiny, amount.. i've read through the debunking, and I get it, and we've probably been there, sure.. but idk... lol.

I have to admit the way they sort-of levitate is a little surprising, but it does make sense that their suits inflate like a football stadium roof.

Divination - meaning Tarot, runes, astrology. I believe it all in regard to helping figure out your own life (I don't believe predicting the future is part of it though).

I absolutely refuse to look in a mirror in a darkened room. It causes me severe anxiety. When I was a kid I refused to play Bloody Mary, cuz well, you never now.

Oh man!

One time I looked into a mirror in a dark room and said "Sunday Bloody Sunday", and I saw Bono!



I freak the hell out if I'm in a body of water that is NOT a swimming pool and someone picks something up and throws it at me, whether it's sand (or clay) from the bottom, or a starfish or sand dollar, or twig or anything. I freak the hell out.