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Typical bachelor fridge. Eggs. Spinach. Beer. Lots of condiments.

It's so clean! It's certainly uncontaminated by cheese.

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Eggs. Spinach. Beer.

Yep. I bet I could live on that for quite some time. :-[

poached eggs served on a bed of lettuce. Yummeh

I may be tired and inhaled some fumes, but that plastic wrapper looks like Cartman.

That's the Sealtest bag holding an unused bag of milk. The blue pitcher with a handle has an opened bag in there. That's how we do it in Soviet Canuckistan.

Oooh yeah, bags! Dude, that's too much work. The blue pitcher would never get washed and it would be terrible.

Nono. The bag goes into the pitcher. You just just snip off the corner. The milk stays in the bag the whole time.

OMG bagged milk. It was a "thing" here in the early 90s and it didn't catch on. I remember that our refrigerator kept it a touch too cold and so it had milk ice crystals in it which was THE BEST THING EVER.

It's less wasteful than other methods. I didn't know it wasn't something others did until someone was making fun of Canadians and their milk bags. Don't make fun of someone's milk bags. How rude can someone be?

Milk bags...*snicker* It just sounds dirty.

But then you spill it, right? I feel like I would have milk everywhere.

It come out pretty straight. It's really not that complicated.

It sucks when you don't have scissors nearby. Using a knife can lead to some jagged edges. If you do a hatchet job the milk will shoot in different directions, like when urinating after ejaculating (this is a real thing)

I have two pairs of scissors, neither of which I can ever locate.

First time I ever saw bagged milk was in a "Kids in the Hall" skit.

You can't fix the car without a whole lotta milka.

this is totally my fridge except add milk and make it fancy beer.

OK. There's some milk. And apple and orange juice in the door.


The classic kind. One row of chocolate and one row of vanilla.

I want all the cookies.

I love when they're frozen. Frozen Oreos, too.

If we didn't have a guinea pig our fridge would be totally empty of vegetables. Beer and eggs... I wonder how long one can survive on those two things? It seems an orange must have to be thrown in now and then to prevent scurvy.

There's fruit in the beer. It's a Lambec sort of thing. I also have apple and orange juice in the door

My fridge is crammed to the gills these days. Beer, cider, wine, ginger beer, tonic water, a bottle of Floc; assorted tubs of coleslaw, dips, hummus; loads of fruit, loads of veg, loads of half-used bottles of sauces, and some scary tubs of leftovers that I really must clear out this weekend.

It's not nearly as clean or tidy as yours.

Do Canadian bachelors really keep spinach in their fridges?

I did a purge & clean before my wife and company come home.

I doubt any bachelor would keep spinach. It's kind of an anomaly.

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