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You always love your first Bilbo
I finally watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, on the weekend. I liked it but I wished it was better. It wasn't the story, or the changes. I didn't mind the changes. I just found the significant moments were too fast-paced and the new stuff took up too much time. Thorin looked too human. The cavern scenes were so CG, I had no emotional investment. I don't play MMO's, so having hundreds of GC characters running around just bored me. C (who is unfamiliar with the source) pointed out the action was too Indiana Jones. Once they had a rolling boulder chasing down characters, I could only laugh. However, she liked it more than me.

My first exposure to JRRT was the Rankin-Bass Hobbit in 1978. Gollum was frightening. Thorin had the best line: "You're a burglar. Go in there and burgle something!" I was disappointed that wasn't from the actual text. Bilbo was round-faced and rosy-cheeked, like the mice in the RB "Night Before Christmas". Martin Freeman was great, but you always love your first Bilbo.

But there was good set-up and I am excited to see the next two.

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yes to all of this. I hate it when my movies are like video games. I loved the animated Hobbit, and I LOVED that line. I think I have it on DVD somewhere...

I feel old when I see stuff like that. For instance, the Transformers movies. "What's going on? Why are they on pyramids? Who is the bad guy? Who is the bad guy? Why isn't there more John Turturro?"

I agree, totally. It was good, but not ~EPIC~ and P. Jackson really set the bar high with his other films, so this one was a bit of a letdown.

It's true. Jackson set the bar too high.

I liked The Hobbit and am definitely looking forward to the other 2. I do agree that Thorin didn't look dwarf enough though

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Yeah, Frodo is young at the very beginning, but he is the same age as Bilbo when he actually hit the road: 50. The start of Fellowship takes something like decades.

Ever see the UK Being Human? Aidan Turner is a good actor, too.

I didn't really love it. I didn't hate it or anything, but it was a bit, well, boring. Freeman was fine--I like him--and the whole *world* was fine because Jackson has that down solid...

...but... do they HAVE to be chased the whole time? I'm not really lamenting that they made changes (for instance, I didn't mind the effort made to tie it more closely to the LOTR movie trilogy) but the changes that they made sometimes were not necessary and made the movie feel more generic than it should have.

I guess they decided that would make it suspenseful. But how much danger and suspense is there when you know it's a three part film? At least LotR had many environment changes, and the Fellowship splits up into different stories.

I pretty much completely agree with everything you said.

Got a copy of the Hobbit book that's illustrated with pics from the Rankin&Bass (they did the best version of Gollum ever).

That's neat. I had a version when I was little. I didn't have to reading chops to get through it, so I just decoded the runes inside the cover.

That was my first Hobbit as well. Gollum was *terrifying*

I kind of don't want to see it again, for fear it'll ruin my memory. I saw a web site taking the piss at the TV special. For instance, the ring having writing on it. And how once the Goblin King sees Glamdring, he deflates and spirals away like a punctured balloon. But really, it spared having to animate useless footage of cavern chases and tumbles.

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You were introduced to Tolkien when you were drinking age?

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You two would have made me bang my head on the table. How can someone not read The Hobbit, or now see Star Wars.

C has at least seen SW. But last time I tried to watch it she was playing obtuse

"So the guys in white are the good guys?"
"No, they're bad"
"So that asthma guy in black is the good guy"
"No, he's bad, too"
"This is boring. When does the bear guy show up? I like him."
"Y'know. I think I'm gonna watch this another time."

I know what you mean.. but I am really fond of Martin Freeman as an actor. I loved the new movie. But I think one other thing really pushed it over the top. My kid loved the movie.. A LOT! So, Freeman is his first Bilbo. Henry doesn't like to read much but he devoured the book after the movie. My heart swells.

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That's one of my favourite poems! One of the few I ever took the time to memorize: "all mimsy were the borogroves and the momeraths outgrabe."

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I used to recite it when I ran so I'd know if I was winded.

That was my first Bilbo too! Such a classic; I have a feeling it's hiding in a box in Mom's basement somewhere, along with my Mickey Mouse record player.

Haha. I wished I had a MM record player. Ours was a plain plastic red one.

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